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Mutt & Jeff #5, by Bud Fisher, editor M.C. Gaines.  Tape, a pencil mark, water damage and chipping aty  the edges of cover.  Faint water damage is visible throughout book which is otherwise okay -- $


Wild Bill Hickok, Real Western Stories, #4, July 1950.  Beautiful painted cover, B+ condition (it has a small tear and very small pieces missing at three corners, some barely noticable curling along spine) and some small chips and tears on back cover.  All inteior pages are fine and over all condition is B -- $


Startling Comics, #47, Sept. 1947.  Cover is beautiful (of a sexy half-clad women being menaced by man with ray gun) and in near mint condition except for small missing corner at upper right and even smaller missing piece at lower left. I mean, these missing pieces are really small!  And the rest of the book is perfect -- $



Amazing Mystery Funnies, Vol. 2, #1, Jan. 1939. Front cover is missing pieces at the edges, has pencil writing on it and has two pieces of tape on it, one at the lower left, the other at the upper left.  Back cover is missing entirely.  Front interior page is wrinkled but the rest of the book is fine -- $


Big Shot, #77, May 1947.  Features Mickey Finn, Dixie Dugan, Skyman and others in a fat, page filled book.  Some damage to spine and at edges of cover.   Interior of book complete and undamaged -- $


SUPERMAN #12, Sept/Oct 1941.  Cover separated from spine, rough edges, some staining along top and at lower left corner.  Rest of the book has pages with folded corners and the binding for the pages is coming apart. Overall condition good -- $


King of the Royal Mounted, Zane Grey's, #12, Jun/Aug 1953.  Front and back covers missing pieces at the edges, otheriwse intact -- $

Roy Rogers, Vol. 1, #72, Dec. 1953.  Cover is complete with some crease marks and Scoth tape down the spine, along the top, bottom and side -- $

The Cisco Kid, #29, Oct//Dec. 1955.  Small portion of lower corner missing on lower and upper cover, top and spine.  Interior of book fine except for small rip on upper left corner of first page -- $

The Lone Ranger, Vol. 1, #30, December 1950.  Cover has someones name written in small print over the logo, a penciled "1950" over the word "the," small section of scotch tape on lower portion of spine, stain on right side of cover and tape holding cover to interior of portion of book.  Missing pages, though complete, are missing corners and very brittle -- $


Tom Corbett, Space Cadet (painted cover), #412, Aug/Oct. 1952, near mint (corners show some very minor wear) -- $

wpe12.jpg (205385 bytes)

Tom Corbett, Space Cadet (painted cover), #7, Aug/Oct 53.  Rated G- there is a slight crease at the fold, some creases near the spine and at the corners.   Back cover is missing a small piece at the upper left corner.  Everything else is fine -- $

Tom Corbett, Space Cadet (painted cover), #10, May/July 1954.  Cover is ragged and has tape on the spine and looks like it might have been sprayed with a transparent fixative.  Interior of book is fine with some minor water damage and chipping -- $


Aces High #2, May/Jun 1955.  Except for tape on sp[ine, book is fine plus -- $

Crime Illustrated (magazine format), #1, Dec. 1955, near mint -- $

Crime SuspenseStories, #13, Oct/Nov 1952.  A thin strip of ccover missing at right edge, cover starting to separate from spine.  Otherwise condition near fine -- $

Crime SuspenseStories #14, Dec./Jan 1953.  Covers rough at edges and spine (tape on spine) but rest of book is fine plus -- $

Extra #4, Sept/Oct 1955. Heavy tapiong on spine, taping on inside front cover, roughness at edges. Interior book has pages that a kid drew on. G minus -- $

Frontline Combat, # 7, Jul/Aug, 1952.  Kurtzman cover rough but enjoyable (tape on outside spine and inside front cover), remainder of book fine plus -- $

Frontline Combat # 9, Nov/Dec 1952.  Cover has heavy opaque tape on spine as well as flaking on thwo of its remaining three sides.  Rest of book is fine plus.  NOTE: THIS BOOK HAS AN AUTHENTIC KURTSMAN AUTOGRAPH ON FIRST INTERIOR PAGE! -- $

Impact #1, Mar/Apr 1955.  Cover rough at edges but otherwise very fine.near mint.  Interior of book is fine plus -- $

Incredible Science Fiction # 31, Sep/Oct 1955. Stress marks on spine and corners.  Tape on inside front cover.   Overall fine plus -- $

Mad, The Nostalgic, #2, 1973.  This is a reprint of the original #2 that was bound into Mad magazine.  Because the book was ripped from the magazine's binding the cover had to be taped to the body of the book at the spine.  Otherwise the book is in excellent condition -- $

Mad, #10, April 1954.  Cover rough, missing pieces on all four corners plus right edge.  Also damage to spine (taped on inside of front cover) and tape on tear at right of cover and someone wrote "13" in thee "M" of "Mad."  Interior of book in fine condition -- $

MD #4, Oct/Nov 1955.  This book is near mint with only some minor wear on spine  -- $

MD # 5, Dec/Jan 1956.  Near mint except for wear on spine -- $

Psychoanalysis #1, Mar/Apr 1955.  Near mint -- $

Shock SuspenseStories #8, Apr/May 1953.  Fine plus cover, over all book not too far from mint -- $

Shock SuspenseStories #14, Apr/May 1054.  Wood cover still looks good despite being a little rough at the edges and spine, with some crease marks.  Rest of comic fine plus -- $

Shock SuspenseStories, # 17, Oct./Nov. 1954.  Cover is a little rough on the edges but over all this book is fine plus -- $

Two-Fisted Tales #23, Sep/Oct 1951.  Near mint -- $

Two-Fisted tales, #31, Jan/Feb 1953.  Cover fine plus (has tape on inside front cover) and a pencil squiggle in the "W" of "Two."   Over all book fine plus -- $

Two-Fisted Tales #33, May/June 1953.  Wood cover missing piece at lower right edge and mid right side.  Inside front cover has tape on spine and elsewhere.  Interior of book is fine plus -- $

Two-Fisted Tales #35, Oct 1953.  Cover and over all book fine plus -- $

Two-Fisted Tales #37, Apr 1954.  Near mint (some wear on spine) -- $

Two-Fisted tales #40, Dec/Jan 1955.George Evans cover (and back cover) rough at edges and spine but still plenty enjoyable. Interior of book is fine plus but a number of pages have had their edges folded over -- $

Two-Fisted Tales, #41, Mar 1955. Beautiful Jack Davis cover has very minor rough spots on edges and spine plus a white crease line that runs from through logo at an angle and there's a small pencil notation in the "T" of "Two" in logo.  Despite this it looks very very good: fine plus, probably.  Rest of comic near mint -- $

wpe16.jpg (275688 bytes)

Vault of Horror #37, June/July 1954.  Johnny Craig cover a little rough on the edges but book is over all fine plus --

Vault of Horror, #38, Aug/Sept 1954.  Cover a little rough on the edges, otherwise over all book is fine plus -- $

War Against Crime, #11, Feb/Mar 1950.  Cover rough at edges (tape on inside front cover), interior pages also has some tape at edges (not a lot) and some flaking -- $

Weird Fantasy #10, Nov/Dec 1951. Near mint -- $

Weird Fantasy $ 13, May/Jun 1952.  Fine/mint.  Cover looks great but some interior pages are flaking.  Nothing major,  Over all fine plus -- $

Weird Fantasy #22, Nov/Dec 1953.  Fine/mint.  Slightly visible   crease on lower right corner, some wear on minor wear on spine, otherwise near mint -- $

E.M. ARNOLD (Quality Comic Group)

Smash Comics, #62, Dec. 1945.  Nice Jack Cole cover with tape along spine and missing pieces at the upper and lower left corners.  Slight indication of water damage along bottom portion of entire book but over all condition is generally fine -- $

Smash Comics, #70, April 1947.  Nice Jack Cole cover a little rough around the edges, interior book has some rough spots at edges and slight water markings but over condition is fine -- $


Famous Funnies, #182, Sept. 1949. Cover complete but showing heavy wear including a roll on the spine, a few pencil and pen marks and some water damage on the lower right corner which is visible throughout the book. Some interior pages are folded at the corners, a few have minor rips and some are missing specks of paper at the edges -- $


Captain Marvel, Vol. 6, #32, Feb. 1944. In beautiful condition despite some minor water damage (visable thoughout book) on lower right corner  and a very, very small tear in lower left cover -- $

wpe19.jpg (246979 bytes)

Captain Video #1, Feb. 1951.  Cover has tape on spine and chipping at the edges but the book is otherwise fine although someone wrote on the back cover in ink (in small print) "3 George Evans art" -- $

Don Winslow, of the Navy, Vol. 7, # 39, Oct. 1946.  Near mint but cover has distributors stamp which reads: "Sunset - Sept 18, 1946." --

Hopalong Cassidy, #35, Sept. 1949.  Cover rough, missing small pieces at spine, along top and corners. Interior complete but a little brittle with fraying at edges -- $

Tom Mix, #19, July 1949. Cover rough with tape on the back and frayed edges.  Interior of book complete but brittle with some flaking -- $


Science Comics, #4, May  1939.  Cover rough with some writing on logo and rough spots (with a few small missing pieces) at edges and spine but still very enjoyable.  Spine has been taped to the rest of the book and back cover is missing but the interior pages,  despite some roughness at the edges , are complete and not terribly brittle. 


Fire Hair, White Daughter of the Sioux, #8.  Contains early work by Jerry Grandehetti.  Cover has some minor chipping at edges but the book is otherwise fine -- $

Planet Comics, #44, Sept. 1946.  Cover has tape down spine and some minor chipping at edges.  Back cover is missing entirely.  Book is otherwise complet and good -- $

Planet Comics, #1 (may be Vol.2 but there's no date or info inside).   Front cover is near mint, back cover has one minor tear -- $

Top Detective Comics, #9. Tape on the spine and, although the cover is intact,  it shows some signs of wear. The interior of the book is complete and undamaged -- $

Top Jungle, #1. Front and back covers missing a few tiny pieces at the edges and back cover has slight tear.  Interior of book is complete but shows some wear and tear -- $


Magic Comics, #123, Nov./Dec 1949. Cover intact with some rough spots at upper and lower right corners and spine.  Featuring Dagwood, Mandrake and Secret agent X-9, over all the book is in fine condition -- $


Red Ryder Comics, #35, 1946.  Cover in good shape despite some roughness at the edges and some writing which looks like it might actually be an autograph.  It's "Jim" something, then, underb=neath that, "Red Ryder." Over all condition, B -- $


Major Inapak, The Space Ace., #1, 1951.  Except for a slight printing problem (it looks like the front cover and back cover over printed, but you have to look to notice this), the book is near mint.  Book appears to have been a promotional give-a-way for Inapak chocolate milk -- $


Straight Arrow, #5 Sept 1950.  Cover has small rip in the front which was repaired with tape from the back.  Cover also has distributor's stamp which reads "L.A. News, Aug. 1, 1950.  Otherwise, with the exception of  some pages with missing corners and a few tears, the interior and rest of book is above average.   Art by Powell, Fred Meagher and others.  Add for Straight Arrow arrow clip (from Nabisco Shredded Wheat) on back cover  -- $


The Lone Ranger, #18, 1957.  Beautiful painted cover of the Lone Ranger and Tonto in canoe.  Over all, near mint -- $


Amazing Adventures, #5, Oct/Nov. 1951.  Has beautiful painted cover despite stress lines on spine and scratch lines on cover.  Over fine condition -- $

Space Busters, Vol. 1, #1, 1952.  Beautiful paintred cover with only minor stresss marks at its edges.  Very nice Berni Krigstein art inside.  Over all B+ --